Hi, welcome, and thank you for stopping by!

Join me as I discuss data, leadership, and other topics. I have enjoyed building and leading organizations across Series A start-ups and Fortune 50 companies. I thrive on shaping organizational cultures of trust, diversity, a clear sense of purpose, and meaning that drive significant personnel growth and business impact.

I am particularly interested in the “why” and “so what” of people, problems, systems, and models. The implication is I focus more on strategy, business, and applied use cases instead of techniques—although techniques are fun, and I aim to share some as well. Other interests include mental and physical health, weightlifting, productivity, cognitive biases, diversity, and programming.

So, why this site? I started this blog during a career sabbatical in early 2022 to improve my lifelong learning. Through remote working during COVID-19 (leading an Analytics and Machine Learning organization), I experienced the power of thinking through asynchronous, long-form writing.

Before this revelation, I thought and communicated through curated bullet points based on detailed research. While I was good on an isolated topic, I was limited when connecting topics and ideas across disciplines. And I sounded too much like a consultant.

I also had a fragmented education throughout my childhood. Living in 18 places in my first 21 years was great for learning how to meet people and adapt to change. Less so for building an excellent educational foundation. Looking back, I now know that I became good at learning how to pass a test at the expense of long-term knowledge.

After deleting my 20,000+ Evernote notes, I embarked on a learning journey that led me to create this site. Recommendations and thoughts are always welcome, and please do not hesitate to contact me at jason.gilbertson@gmail.com or LinkedIn.

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